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Campfire is a discussion about
life and how we live it. Live events hosted in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sep 3, 2019

Tune into this edition of Campfire At Home featuring stories by Deborah Taffa as she provides her answer to the Season 9 question, "How do we move beyond the labels people give us?"
Please be advised, some adult language is used as audience member's shared labels from their life which were read out on stage.

Campfire invites you to hear stories about life and how we live it. Our live events can best be described as TED without the data, The Moth but interactive, and Church but without the religion.

The Campfire Fellows go through rigorous training and coaching provided by Campfire Faculty so they can share their wisdom through story for you. Our Fellows are the people next to you at stoplights or walking by on the street. These Fellows apply or are are nominated by people like you, who know interesting and introspective people with some wisdom to share. The Fellows go through a unique process with our team to discover a wealth of wisdom inside themselves then are trained on how to share the origin stories of that wisdom.
Produced by Jeff Allen